Directions and Parking

Lake Minnetonka Psychology is located in the heart of downtown Excelsior, Minnesota just a block from Lake Minnetonka. 

Lake Minnetonka Psychology's address is 202 Water Street, Suite 208 in Excelsior, Minnesota. It is directly above Bull and Wren restaurant in downtown Excelsior. Free parking is available in the parking lot behind the restaurant. There is also limited free two-hour parking along Water Street. Here is a link to more information on parking in downtown Excelsior. 

If you park in the municipal lot behind Bull and Wren, use the rear entrance of Bull and Wren.  Inside you will find a hallway with an elevator and stairwell to the right of the elevator that will take you to the second floor.  If you have a weekend or evening appointment, you will need to use the intercom located on the right of the stairwell to get access to the second floor.  Once you arrive on the second floor, Lake Minnetonka Psychology Suite 208 is to the left of the conference room. If the door is closed, please knock or send us a text at 612-895-6500 and use the seating near the elevator.

If you park on Water Street, there is a stairwell-only entrance located to the left of the Bull and Wren restaurant main doors at 202 Water Street (you do not enter through through the restaurant).  The door is typically unlocked on non-holiday weekdays from 8am-5pm.  If you need the door unlocked, please call or text 612-895-6500. Please note I am often in-session with clients, so I am limited to unlocking the Water Street door until a few minutes before your appointment.  


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