Educational and Psychological Evaluations

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Lake Minnetonka Psychology offers comprehensive educational, psychoeducational and psychological evaluations for children, teens and young adults. The purpose of evaluations is to provide in-depth insight into an individual's difficulties to more effectively plan interventions. 

Evaluations completed at Lake Minnetonka are intended feel positive for the individual being evaluated. We know anyone being evaluated, as well as their parent or caregiver, has been through a lot of difficulty leading up to the evaluation.  We frame each evaluation as an opportunity to talk about what an individual does well and what skills would help improve their future.  Evaluations are also confidential. Because Lake Minnetonka Psychology is a private practice, evaluation results are not automatically part of an individual's permanent medical record.  You decide if you would like to share part or all the evaluation results with another person, organization or school.  If you want us to discuss evaluation results with someone else such as a school or medical practitioner, we are happy to do so. 

Educational Evaluations

An educational evaluation is helpful when an individual is having difficulty with academic tasks such as reading difficulties or difficulties with homework completion. Educational evaluations may be used to provide insight into an individual's academic skills, habits and learning environment.  Specific skills that may be assessed include reading, math, writing, spelling, listening comprehension and oral expression skills. Within the area of reading, we can determine a child's independent and instructional reading levels plus analyze other specific reading related skills such as phonological awareness, phonics, and reading comprehension skills. Other skills that may be assessed include study skills, organizational skills, and secondary-transition skills (for student's in grades seven and older). Lastly, we can evaluate an individual's current evaluation plan and make recommendations for instructional changes. 

Psychological and Behavioral Evaluations

Psychological and behavioral evaluations are used the examine more complex social, emotional or behavioral difficulties. This type of evaluation is often used for intervention and/or counseling planning or to gain more in depth understanding of an individual's emotional functioning. They may also be used for clarification of diagnosis. Psychological and behavioral evaluations may be used for problems such as anxiety, depression, social difficulties, attentional difficulties and behavioral problems such as noncompliance. We can also evaluate for common developmental conditions that persist across a lifespan such as Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Psychoeducational Evaluations

Psychoeducational evaluations
are a blend of both educational and psychological evaluations. Psychoeducational evaluations are helpful when a child is having difficulties in multiple areas of functioning such as difficulties that are being seen at both school and home such as school refusal, behavioral problems related to school tasks and emotional difficulties related to school environments and/or tasks.


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