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Lake Minnetonka Psychology offers confidential counseling for children to young adults in a safe, supportive environment. Counseling begins through an assessment of current mental health and behavioral concerns.  Some of the most common issues include anxiety, sleep problems, school and social difficulties with family, friends and significant others.  If counseling may be beneficial, goals and a treatment plan will be developed.  Treatment plans typically include strategies for identifying how their own thoughts and behaviors affect their mood and well-being. They are taught to understand the sources of their difficulties and coping strategies to better regulate their behaviors and emotions. 

What do counseling sessions look like?

The content of counseling sessions depends on the age of the client.  Sessions with younger children include a mixture of engaging activities, conversations and games to help them learn strategies for regulating and managing their behaviors and emotions.  Sessions with older clients tend to be more conversational. Sessions always start with a check-in including a mood check plus a review of progress. The bulk of the session will be focused on conversations and activities that help clients gain insights into how their own thoughts and behaviors affect their overall feeling of wellness. The overall tone of sessions is kept positive so clients leave with a better feeling of self and strategies for addressing emotional difficulties. Sessions with younger children usually end with a short, fun game tied to the goals of their counseling. Sessions with older teens and young adults end with an action plan to be implemented in between counseling sessions. 

Are parents involved in counseling?

Parent involvement in counseling will depend on the age of the child and the specific problem(s) being addressed. Typically parents attend counseling sessions for younger children, whereas older children attend counseling more on their own.  Parents of children under the age of 18 will always be provided with information about the problems being treated and their child's progress.  Individuals age 18 and older may invite their parent or caregiver to a counseling session if that is helpful to them. 


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